Outsource Sales! Increase sales by adding a virtual sales team to your business.

Finding the right sales people requires a lot of hiring & firing, avoid that! .... We have already done that.
Boost your international sales, hire us!

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Why to Outsource Sales ?

Our salespeople are specialists, trained and tested, we can take care of the sales for you business or even assist your in-house sales team:
We give you the ability to move quickly, be on the ground to explore new markets efficiently.

International : Native Salespeople

Our salespeople speak many languages at a Native level.
This allows smoother and more successful communications with any potential customer.

Analytics & Data Oriented Leads

We love Data, we embrace statistics and analytics, which allows us to refine our leads to find qualified prospects.

Smart and highly creative Sales Team

Our salespeople are very smart , responsive and they excel at customer research, relation, meetings and closing deals.

Sales Assisting: We can help your team, by finding for them more qualified prospects.

New Markets: We can help your company explore new markets, markets that your sales team is finding difficulties to penetrate, markets where your salespeople do not know or master the language.
We look to establish long-term partnership with our clients, we provide sales strategy and advice, and we work to grow the sales of our clients.
We cooperate with your company in a contracting relation. This relation is very flexible, it can be terminated whenever you feel that it is not achieving the Goals set. You can also expand the cooperation, switch or change markets ...
All in a very short time, without the need to find/hire/fire employees.

Factors leading to our successful deals

Data Processing


Cold Calling

Customer Analysis

Our detailed Sales Strategy

Data Processing : Due to our company background, we are good, very good at acquiring and processing data. That means we can quickly find potential clients, and create a potential clients list.

Customer Analysis & Cold Calling : Unlike most salespeople we do the customer analysis before the cold calling, which allows us to avoid the "No, thank you" answer.

Communication : We simply master it, our sales team can reach anyone any where in the world, we can communicate any message in a way that the prospect will find interesting.

Some Products we helped Sell

Each Product is unique, and thus have a specific sales strategy.

You can not sell all products the same way, sales strategies are complex and varied. Our salespeople have the experience to address each product sales effort the way it should!
Below, a small selection of the product and services we sold, we chose these to show you the diversity of our sales.

Our Offers

Our Most Popular Sales Offers

In most cases, we negotiate the partnership with our clients on specific terms. But we have some packages to allow a faster cooperation.

Leads Basic

Ideal for helping your sales team get leads and the potential prospects.

$200 / month
  Additional fees
  Data Processing
  Cold Calling
  On the ground Salesperson

Business Dev.

We take care of reaching out to establish and maintain the contacts.

$600 / month
  Additional fees Bonus
  Data Processing Advanced
  Cold Calling
  On the ground Salesperson

Sales Team Pro.

We create a sales team operation for selling your product.

$2-9k / month
  Additional fees Commission
  Data Processing Advanced
  Cold Calling
  On the ground Salespeople

Management Team

We are a small team with lots of connections!

We are continuously looking for new sales talent, anywhere in the world, if you think you got what it takes, please contact us.

Alaili A.

Sales Manager

Axel Db.

Regional Sales Manager


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We have worked with more than 80 brands worldwide.

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